Friday, January 9, 2009

I know that eventually I'll have to write for my blog updates, but so much fun has happened in the past month or so that I thought pictures might be more appropriate (with little snippets of writing in between). Enjoy viewing my holiday adventures.

I made a deal with Herman (left) that he could check out as many books as he'd like from the public library on my library card if I could straighten his hair. Sam (right) didn't require negotiation. He just let me lay on the flat iron.

Rachel and I spent the day together just a while before Christmas. This is just outside the LA County Museum of Art. There was a big square of lamp posts, and we were having fun playing on them (just like all the other little kids who were running around). The picture was taken just seconds before the security guard asked us to get off the piece of artwork. Apparently, it's not meant to be interactive.

Christmas Eve was fantastic. All of us gathered together, sharing songs and gifts.

I got a bouquet of flowers from one of the guys at the Kitchen. Beautiful, no?

It rained on Christmas.

But we (me, Sam, Herman--l to r) cuddled up, listened to Jim Gaffigan's Beyond the Pale album and had some good laughs.

Ian and Dad visited, and boy were we excited! This is at the top of Pepperdine University. We were strictly told not to get out of our vehicle because the campus was closed. Well, if that security guard would have known what rebels we McGillivrays are, he would have thought twice before letting us onto his precious university.

We ate at The Pantry, a local hotspot, the morning before heading off to Disneyland (see below). It was an early morning, but we scarfed down a LOT of food.

And I made Dad and Ian go on the Tea Cup ride with me. (Mom: you were missed)

And they spun me around really really fast.
It was all great fun, although being away from Christmas for the first time was a challenge emotionally. Now, we're all back to our normal schedules. Piano lessons are underway once again. Soon, I hope I'll be taking a writing class at East LA College. Lent is soon on it's way, which means Seder will just just around the corner. While we're still in the midst of winter here in Los Angeles, there is much light. Much hope. Much excitement. Much love.